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These are unstuffed cubes but they hold their shape surprisingly well. If you flatten them they can easily be reshaped. Because they are flexible but firm you could put a small gift inside.

The basic cube is made from three plain strips woven together. The strips are a short and stumpy version of Borromean Rings. If you take any one away the other two fall apart.

The pattern includes instructions for all the cubes in the photo above.

Download the free pattern from Ravelry

This one was intended to look like an egg because it contains a Cadbury’s Crème Egg

Four faces of the cube have the letters L O V E. Ideal for a tiny Valentine’s Day gift.

The strips can be moved around to show happy or sad faces.

This idea can be extended to cover a box of any size. There is a lot of knitting involved as every surface is covered twice.

These were made from old sponge strips but could be made in many other ways

December 2018
We have a new pattern called Borromean Baubles with special Christmas versions of the knitted cubes. It also has instructions for making cubes with paper, and beautiful, iridescent cubes made from plastic folders.

Download the free pattern from Ravelry