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This page offers you a glimpse of the area in Lancashire where we live.

The first set of photographs were taken in April 2001.

Click the photos for enlargements.


The view from the top floor of

our house

All the other pictures were taken from the hill which can be seen here.

Some sheep grazing on the hill behind our house

Our house is the white building at the far end of the left-hand side of the street along which the three lambs are looking.

Another view of the area

around our house

Colne's bowling green, on the other side of Keighley Road, is visible through the gap just to the right of our house. The cricket ground can be seen through the next gap.

Another similar view

The collection of large white buildings part way up the hill beyond our house is a school.

Pendle Hill, part of Colne

and some sheep

The viaduct which brings the railway line into Colne can be seen just behind some of the sheep at the left-hand edge of the picture.

A wider-angle view including

the centre of Colne

The Town Hall's clock tower can be seen just to the left of the two trees

The town centre and the start of Keighley Road

The small dome on the extreme left of this picture belongs to the Co-op building. The cemetery at the right-hand edge is on Keighley Road.

The centre of Colne

(and some sheep, of course)

The Market Hall and Police Station are the large blocky buildings in the middle of this picture. The rugby and football pitches are behind them and slightly to the right.

The backs of some houses on Keighley Road

This picture was taken from lower down in the valley of Colne Water. You can just see part of our house, if you know where to look. It's white.

Colne cemetery, seen from down in the valley

The parade of shops on the other side of the road includes

The Cemetery Chippy



The view down the valley

You may be able to spot the railway bridge again here. Parts of the town of Nelson can just be seen before the valley curves to the left. Beyond that is Burnley.

A 100-degree panoramic view

This view follows the A6068 Eastwards out of Colne, through Laneshaw Bridge and across the border into North Yorkshire. Earl Crag, about 10km away, is the feature on the horizon at the right-hand end of this picture.

Here are some photographs taken in December 2004

More photos:

Immediately around our house

Inside our house