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Teddy Bear Illusion

Many of the cushion patterns are scaled-down versions of afghans we had already made. In some cases it is possible to adapt the pattern so it again becomes an afghan, without further instructions. Not all can be enlarged in this way.

We eventually realised that there were also mathematical ideas that we had dismissed as afghan designs because they did not lend themselves to being represented at a large size though they worked well at cushion size.

Some of these are in 12 Pillows of Wisdom, which is another book of twelve cushions.

Many of our ideas have been adapted to be cushions.

After we had been making afghans for about five years, we were asked, by several people, if we could design something smaller. We turned our attention to cushions.

The first book was Cushy Numbers, which contains twelve designs.

Cushions proved to be a very good introduction to our work for those who didn’t want to take on a full-size afghan project. For some they were an introduction to a variety of the techniques we use. A technique could be learned before going on to use it at a larger size.