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ISBN 978-0-9528-5733-4

Published in September 2007

Have you ever wanted to design your own knitwear? Getting knitwear to fit properly is not a matter of luck, nor is it a major mathematical challenge. It relies on common sense and simple calculations.

This is a compilation of two books first published in 1996, as Making Knitwear Fit and Creating Knitwear Designs, and much used by individuals and college courses. It shows you the absolute basics, in simple language and gentle stages.

I Have the Measure of You (formerly Making Knitwear Fit) concentrates on explaining how, when and why to make calculations for the garments.

I Have Designs on You (formerly Creating Knitwear Designs) is concerned with the overall design and how to achieve it.

Some topics appear in both parts, with different emphasis. This is not a book to teach you how to knit. We have assumed that you already have a basic knowledge of the techniques of knitting and making up, and that you are now keen to make something of your own design with Sir Pent and Kangarule to watch over you.

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