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A hexaflexagon is a curiosity, usually made in paper

This isn’t the most comfortable cushion in the world but it is great fun. We can absolutely predict what will happen when it is presented to a group of kids (or adults!):

First, it is used as a frisbee (It is quite aerodynamic.) One person will put it on their head and it isn’t long before someone discovers that a slight tug will pull it over the head and it will sit snuggly round the neck, like a ruff.

Eventually they investigate its strange properties and discover that this flat cushion has six faces.

The crochet cushion in the first six photos was made for MathsYear2000 and has been handled by hundreds of people. These new photographs show how well it has stood up to this treatment.

We invented the name Hexaflexacube for this version because the faces were shaded to resemble a cube.

Although the construction is different, there are still six different faces. There are obviously three colour combinations but, if you look carefully, you will see that the positions of the colours change.

This cushion was exhibited in Washington, DC, in January 2008 at JMM2009


YouTube video showing some of these flexagon cushions.

This knitted version was added to the pattern in January 2013.

The instructions for these three cushions are included in  one pattern.

(The fluffy version is  not included in the pattern.)

Buy the pattern on the Puzzles and Games page of our order form

YouTube video showing folding of Hexaflexagon and Hexaflexacube.

(The Hexaflexagon used to be included in a book called Twists & Turns. That book is no longer available. We hope to re-write it one day.)

Check out 360 Blog where

Godzilla Makes a Hexaflexagon

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Download the pattern for these square flexagons