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These patterns are sold to raise money for Kidney Research UK. Read the Tribute page in the About Us section to find out why we support this charity.

One pound from the sale of every Penrose afghan pattern also goes to the charity.


A version of this pattern originally appeared in our Twists & Turns book, which is no longer available

This is the first of our Fundraiser patterns. It can raise funds twice over:


1. You buy the pattern and we donate the money (less PayPal charges) to Kidney Research UK

2. You make the item and use it at fund-raising events of your own

The Milkman’s Wallet was traditionally used by British milkmen until the 1970s. There are probably still a few around today and they may have been just as popular in other countries.


These wallets are intriguing. They are very easy to make but will fascinate anyone who hasn’t seen one before. Magical things seem to happen to the money you put inside.


For fund-raising, you allow a person to put a banknote loose inside the wallet and tell them they can have the money back if they can get it out without pulling it from under the ribbons. Close, open and close the wallet, then hand it to them. It is impossible to get the money out.


The pattern booklet gives more ways to get money from the ‘customer’.


The booklet has full instructions for making wallets in knit, crochet, plastic canvas, card, used fruit juice cartons, and other materials. They can be made at absolutely no cost.


The two pictures of the blue wallet are of the same side of the same wallet. The two halves are reflections but they don't have to be. The bottom photos are made of card, one of them covered in fancy sticky-backed paper.


They can be made at any size to suit the banknotes in your country.

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We ask that you respect our copyright for the pattern. Do not copy it to give to anyone else. Make items for your own use in relation to fund-raising for your charity.