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This book has various titles in different countries. You may find it advertised with any of the covers shown.

It was published in the Spring of 2006 with the subtitle Simple modular techniques for making wonderful garments and accessories. The book describes how to create large items of knitwear by joining small simple shapes such as squares and triangles - the same technique that we have used for many of our own creations.

Although we wrote much of the text for the book, some other sections and projects have been added, which do not have the same mathematical origins as our own work.

This is a full-colour book.

The book is published by:

Search Press in the UK (ISBN 1-84448-138-7)

Barron's in the USA (ISBN  0-7641-5892-9 )

Sally Milner Publishing in Australia (ISBN 1-86351-351-5)

The customer reviews below are from Amazon.com :

I've been scoping out modular technique knitting books for awhile and finally decided on one to try: No-Pattern Knits by Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer. As a beginning knitter, I am EXTREMELY pleased with the detailed instructions on the different ways to create large knitted items from smaller knitted shapes. The book has many great varied projects to try, but it's especially the step-by-step instructions on how to choose, measure, knit and assemble the modular shapes that make this book a worthwhile investment and genuine inspiration, especially for a beginner. The only minor complaint I have is that all the instructions are given for garter stitch only -- but I think, with practice, the principles can be applied to other simple stitches to accomplish the same effects, which I am very much looking forward to trying.

This is the review that I wrote for Woolly Thoughts, the other title by the same authors. I thought it would be good to put it here as well so others would know that the books contain the same information, and wouldn't end up buying both.

* * * * * * * * *

Review on Woolly Thoughts

This book contains the same information found in the book No Pattern Knits by the same authors. This book appears to be an earlier version, and I think a more complete one. I was able to check No Pattern Knits out from the library. When I saw this book I had to wonder if it was about the same as the other. Well, it is, and it isn't. The information is the same, but there is a lot more of it in this book. I felt that this book gives more inspriration than the other title. It contains no actual patterns. All the pictures are line drawings except for a few color plates. They stated that they did this so you would not be distracted by the colors, but concentrate on the shapes. The other title is more recent and is full of color pictures. It also contain a few patterns to get you going. But, I don't think it is contains as much written info. and wasn't as inspiring to me. So, either is fine, but I don't really think you need both. Depending on what your preference is, either is good to learn modular knitting from.

UPDATE: I checked the No Pattern Knits out again to make sure my memory was correct. Now that I've seen it again, I really think both books would be good to have. While the majority of the information is the same, they both also contain info that the other book doesn't have. And the pictures in the more recent book are outstanding. The patterns are cute too. I still think Woolly Thoughts has more technical info. Both would be great additions to your knitting library.

* * * * * * * * *