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You will have seen wooden versions of this toy before. We call it Octopush (and sometimes Octocube). It is made up from eight cubes joined in a special way so that you can fold and unfold the large cube continuously to reveal several different faces.


The knitted and crochet versions are much more tactile than the usual wooden type and they have the advantage of being light and safe for children (and adults) of all ages. They make ideal stress-relieving toys, though they can become compulsive because, once you pick one up, it is hard to put down.


The pattern includes details for several methods of construction:


YouTube video of Octopush


The Octopush makes a nice gift if you pack it in a box.

The pattern includes a one piece net for the Octopush. You can fold it to make a paper version.

Monica Manceñido used the net to make her Octopush in one piece. She added a further variation by arranging the colours so that it sometimes appears as a plain cube and sometimes as a striped cube. You can read more information on her blog, in English and Spanish.

Monica Manceñido



You can also find Monica on Ravelry.

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