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An anamorphic image is one that appears normal only when seen from some particular perspective or when viewed through something such as a mirror.

This rainbow is the shape you would expect it to be until you place it at a precise distance from a cylindrical mirror. It is then reflected as a striped rectangle.The height of the rectangle is related to the angle from which you view it.

My rainbow, which is about 29 cm wide, was made for a ‘mini pillar’ as part of the Mirror Pillar project which takes place in 2018/2019. You may find other uses for a rainbow. The pattern includes a grid for creating mini-pillar images and there are many other resources on the official site.

Click to download the pattern

We also have patterns for two anamorphic afghans - Ring-road and Bifocal

Go to Reflections on our Mental Blocks site to read about the large-scale artwork we created for the Mirror Pillar.

 This design creates vertical stripes in the mirror. If you view from exactly the right place you see a striped square.

Click to download the pattern

Two pieces are each shown reflected in a mini-pillar in two different ways. The images in the pillar are surprisingly similar.

Click to download the pattern