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This afghan was made at St. Alban's R.C. Primary School in Warrington.

We received a long letter from each of the 31 children who took part. Some quotations from them are given below.

This has taught me how to knit because if I hadn't have done it here, I wouldn't have done it at all.


When Mrs Johnston told us we were going to be doing knitting for maths all the boys including me were moaning about it, but once we got started we just couldn't stop! We found that the main skills we needed for knitting were; concentration, focus and most of all patience.


Firstly, we had to go on the computer and make a design using the school colours blue and gold. That was the best bit because all you were doing is creating a picture and I LOVE art.


Using the Internet to make designs and drawing them was really fun and although the knitting was frustrating at first (many of us hadn't knitted before) we soon got used to it. With lots of encouragement and help from the kind people who offered to come in, we each managed to produce four blue and gold squares which fitted the template we had made. We gave all the squares to Melissa's Gran who knitted the squares together with a border (with help from Katie's mum). The finished result was brilliant.


I really wasn't keen on the idea, but it was so fun!


The bit I enjoyed the most was all the knitting because it was the first time I'd ever knitted.

another Charlotte

When we finished the squares we worked out how many stitches there was in the wall hanging 59,136.


We all did our design and then we picked Joseph's to be made. It looks really good. I really enjoyed this knitting project most of all I enjoyed the knitting.


In conclusion, the afghan was perfect and it was fun making it.

another Joseph

I love knitting. I've never knitted before and I like to try it again.


When we started knitting our squares, this took ages and it was really fun because I learned how to increase and change colour.


By using the internet I made a design by rotating triangles to make a design. Once I had picked a design I shaded it on squared paper in royal blue and gold - the school colours.


We all voted to see who was the best design but I never got to vote because I wasn't in that day.