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This afghan was made by children from the Earth School at Hilltop Hanover Farm in Yorktown, New York.

Elizabeth Nolf and Barbara Sarbin sent the report below.

We used your Tilting at Windmills pattern for this. The children were a group of homeschoolers aged 7-12, and about 9 of them contributed squares. For most it was their first experience with knitting, and some of them really got into it. They were so proud to see the whole thing once it was finished.

Some observations:

The diagonal squares were great. They didn't have to learn to cast on or cast off.

They didn't really get the sizes right - thank goodness for blocking! I was very worried for a while.

Next time I think I would put off deciding how to arrange the squares until after I had blocked them - they had trouble seeing how it would look nice.

Thank you so much for supporting childrens' knitting!