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This report was sent to us by Helen Jones of the University of Wales in December 2000

Click on any of the pictures for an enlargement.

I enclose photos taken this morning when 8 students and myself visited Tregarth Primary School. We were teaching years 5 and 6 with two students per 6/7 pupils. As everyone, students and children, had been knitting, work was based on patterns of squares and triangles.

The four group tasks were:

1)Using Polydron triangles, how many are required to make a square, experimenting with different patterns?

2)Using Clixi squares, how many different patterns can you make using 16 squares, 4 of each colour?

3)Using Polydron, squares and triangles, and a large cardboard square, how many different ways can you fill the square i.e. 16 squares 0 triangles, 15 squares and 2 triangles....0 squares and 32 triangles?

4)(i)Squared paper to record different patterns, ideas of scale and enlargement.

4)(ii)Using patterns on circles, curved stitching with pencil and then wool to create different patterns.

The whole session was very enjoyable for students and children and even though it was lunch time, the children didn't question the time at all!

All the work will now be displayed in college. I will send a picture soon.

The afghan created with the children's squares was presented to the school.

All in all, a very enjoyable study.