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As with Woolly Thoughts, all sweaters in Second Thoughts can be made in any yarn without ever working a tension swatch.  Garments are knitted in unconventional directions and can be made to any size. They tend to be made from larger pieces than those in Woolly Thoughts, often with the whole garment made in one piece by picking up stitches and knitting on. You do not need to have read Woolly Thoughts before attempting any of the methods in Second Thoughts.

The photos give you an idea of the variations you might create. The book contains many more ideas to inspire you.

Click on a photo for a larger picture.

We call these conglomerations. They can be made using a multitude of oddments. The same thickness of yarn should be used in one sweater but you can mix textures and fibres.

They also work well with variegated yarns even if they are very subtle. You can even use the same yarn throughout and rely on the light and shade effects created by knitting in several different directions.

Elongations are made from strips and stripes in various directions.

For a glamorous effect knitting can also be mixed with openwork fabrics. This photo shows the back view of a jacket. It has a strategically placed section of knitting at the front.

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