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The simplest Woolly Thoughts sweaters are made up from identically-sized squares. The methods explained in the book guarantee that your sweater will fit regardless of the yarn and needles you choose, without even having to make a tension square.

Squares don’t have to be boring. Some of the photographs below are very old and not as clear as they should be but you should still get a good idea of what can be done.

Each square of the cream jacket was made with a different cotton or linen yarn. The opened-out version shown below shows what it looked like before it was stitched together.

The black jacket was made in a similar way. It has a few fabric squares interspersed with the knitted squares, in a symmetrical design. Each pair of knitted squares was made using a different black yarn. Some of these were regular yarns with interesting textures and finishes; others were ‘yarns’ such as lace and shredded netting.

The red/purple squares don’t look plain but that is only because of the nature of the yarn. The squares are all alike. They have been edged with a smooth yarn in a toning colour.

This multi-coloured jacket was made with just one ball of yarn. A large ball of yarn was made by tying together oddments of pastel colours. The yarns should all be approximately the same thickness but can be a variety of fibres and textures. To avoid sudden colour changes, join the yarns so that adjacent lengths are as close together as possible, in colour.

The squares were edged with white to give unity to the design.

Woolly Thoughts (book) but does not contain patterns for any of these sweaters but, after reading just a few pages, you will be able to make them yourself.

Squares can be turned on their points for a different effect.

This jacket used 14 different shades of grey, radiating out from the neck.

The windmill design is just one of many ways to arrange half-and-half squares.

See more on Baby Jackets page.

Leftovers from the grey squares were used to make this ‘windmills’ sweater