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The Tangram is a very old puzzle which originated in China. The seven individual pieces are known as tans. They are traditionally coloured black. The aim of the puzzle is to assemble the pieces into various shapes such as people, animals and geometric figures. It can be a fun toy or, used in a more structured way to create the many different shapes that can be found in books and on the internet. Some designs are surprisingly difficult to reproduce so logical thought is required.  


The pattern gives instructions for making the pieces in two different ways. The first method is quick and easy and would be suitable for all knitters, including beginners; the second is more time-consuming. Any yarn can be used.  


The Tangram shown measures about 13” (32cm), which is the smallest size given in the instructions. There are three more sizes plus information about how to make even bigger sizes. The pieces could be made as a set of pillows which could be arranged into various shapes. The pattern also includes 26 puzzles (and their solutions) to get you started. The puzzle would make a nice gift. The pieces can be fitted into a box in either one or two layers and you could print out the puzzle pages to go with it.


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This photo shows pieces made using different methods.

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