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How did we get into all this?

Where do the inspirations come from?

Why do we work this way?

Why are there no coloured pictures in our first books?


You will find the answers to all these and much more besides.

What you don't get:

Patterns. There are no patterns (except for two specially written toilet roll covers)  


The CD does not replace Woolly Thoughts or Second Thoughts. It should be thought of as an add-on although it will also be of interest to many who have not read either of those books.

What you do get:  


Things to Study

Lots and lots of photographs of garments under construction. Most of these relate to the descriptions and drawings in Woolly Thoughts and Second Thoughts. (Some of these photographs date back several years and were not taken with the intention of ever being public. The quality is not always of the highest but the methods are clear.)

Things to Read

A Blanket Canvas (60 pages/pdf version)

The story of our afghans from 1996 to 2001. There is a photo of each afghan we made during that period together with its story.  


Picking Up Threads (152 pages/pdf version)

A personal story from childhood to New Ye