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ISBN 978-1861084996

Published in September 2007 by Guild of Master Craftsmen Publications Ltd.

Give your bathroom a fabulous retro touch with the most iconic of bathroom accessories: the toilet roll cover. You will discover a wonderful range of knitted novelties in this tongue-in-cheek guide. Toilet Roll Covers features 30 knitted and crocheted projects which are great fun to make and show off. The projects are fully illustrated and the patterns are straightforward to follow. There is a comprehensive techniques section to get you started, so you will find it easy to create your woolly work of art, even if you are an absolute beginner.

You may have noticed that many of our titles rely on word-play. Toilet Roll Covers started with words, not designs. The original concept was to find lots of objects that had ‘roll’, ‘paper’, tissue’, etc. in the name. Approximately 50 covers evolved from the names.

The original concept disappeared along the way and is not obvious in the book although thirty of the designs were used. Most of the names were changed.

The pictures below are taken from the book. Some of the covers that didn’t make it into the book can be seen on the Toilet Roll Covers page.

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