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How to unlock your creative genius

ISBN 0-285-63196

The original (pink) version of Woolly Thoughts was published in 1994 by Souvenir Press, in Britain and Canada.

This version is now out of print.

The new edition was published in 2007 by Dover Publications, with a slightly different title:


Unlock Your Creative Genius with Modular Knitting

ISBN 978-0486460840.

The two versions have exactly the same content. The only difference is that the new edition has been slightly reduced in size. This means that one page has a page with measured templates which are no longer accurate.

With the exception of a few colour plates, both versions are entirely black and white. It is our strong belief that colours are distracting. The shapes in a design need to be determined before the colour can be added.

Woolhelmina (known as Woolly, for short) appears frequently, with others of her flock. She can be seen on the cover of the original version, juggling her calculator, yarn and needles.

For many years this book was the basis for all work. We recommend it as the best starting point for anyone wanting to understand our methods.

Some of the ideas are developed further in Second Thoughts.

See our Wearables pages for examples of some of the things that can be made.


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