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The simplest Woolly Thoughts sweaters consist of plain squares and ‘windmill’ squares. (See Sweaters Introduction). The squares used for a windmill can be arranged differently to create a variety of other patterns.

This is one of many  possible arrangements of half-and-half squares. This arrangement can also be seen in About Turn afghan.

More variations can also be seen on the Baby Jackets page and on the Shawls and Scarves page.

Adding a stripes to squares opens up even more possibilities.  More can be seen on the Baby Jackets page.

The same pink yarn was used in both of these jackets. The squares are the same but used in a different orientation to change the effect.

The squares you see in the finished jackets may not be the squares that were actually knitted.

This sweater was made from oddments of grey yarn, sorted into light and dark and tied together in two large balls.

The ‘eternity’ design can also be varied in many ways.

More can be seen on the Baby Jackets page.

Change the shapes slightly and they can still be fitted together to make any size sweater you want, without having to make a tension (gauge) square.

These two sweaters are the same basic design. The first set of shapes around the neck is exactly the same in both. The next shapes have been amalgamated in the dark version, to make them look different.

The dark version was made to use up yarn left from another sweater so there is a large plain area at the bottom, with stripes, to use up the last remaining bits of purple.

Woolly Thoughts will lead you on to design many more garments, of all sizes, using small shapes.