Baby Jackets
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Most of the baby jackets on this page were knitted by test knitters using outline instructions which eventually became the basis of the opening section of the Woolly Thoughts book. The knitters were mostly grandmothers who were used to following the precise instructions of a conventional pattern and not in the habit of creating their own designs. Most were made with a chest measurement of 18”. The aim was to show that  anyone could achieve the correct size, regardless of the yarn and needles they chose.

There are examples of plain squares, striped squares, ‘eternity’, ‘windmills’ and other ‘half-and-half’ designs.
The jackets above are all shown from the front so the pattern, on some of them, looks wrong where you can see the back neck.

The two jackets on the left are shown from the back, so the design is not broken.
These children’s coats are a longer version of the baby cardigans. The windmill coat won second prize in the International Mohair Competition. The other coat was also a prizewinner in the same competition.  

Each coat has a matching Octohat.

The close-up photos show the basic unit used for each coat.