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Every puppet needs a friend - which is why these come in pairs.
Nobody can resist a puppet. They appeal to adults and children alike. Many of these were designed with adults in mind. They are small enough to be managed by a child though they will fit most adult hands. The heads are stuffed and have space inside for the fingers.  

Because the heads are stuffed, the puppets can also be used as dolls or can be displayed standing up.  

The original puppets were made using inexpensive Double Knitting (DK yarns). You may wish to use more elaborate yarns or to change the colours of clothes and skin. Other weights of yarn can be used though the finished puppets may be a slightly different size. All are fully washable (except the Goth who may have problems with her make-up running).  

When making toys for small children, remember to take safety into consideration and never use pins, studs, loose cords or other dangerous items. Embroider details instead.
A spellbinding couple!  
Make this magical pair for any Harry Potter fan
or ready for Halloween.
Witch and Wizard
Punk and Goth
These two are really very friendly,
once you get to know them.
The Terrible Twins
Mr P and Mr F
They're not really that terrible.
In fact they're rather cute.
Mr Fibonacci wears a robe and hat designed to
show his well-known sequence. Mr Pythagoras
wears an example of his theorem on his front.
Friends to Count On
Cyclops and Medusa
We have Triangular Numbers and Square
Numbers on our fronts.You can count on us!
Two evil creatures:
Polyphemus, a one-eyed Cyclops,
and Medusa with her snake hair
Send in the Clowns
Top of the Tree
Fairy and Santa can also be used
to top your Christmas tree.
(The fairy in the top picture is dressed in pink)
Happy and sad-faced circus clowns