To Bias Or Not To Bias
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In recent years there has been a trend towards asymmetric shawls where you start knitting at a point and keep increasing until you get to the size you want.
This is an asymmetric shawl sometimes pretending it is symmetric.
This simple pattern gives you several ideas for working with the basic shape to make a shawl, scarf or stole. If you can knit garter stitch, let your imagination run riot to work with these ideas - and perhaps add more of your own.

Knit stripes, in any arrangement, for a dramatic look.

Add holes to change the drape of the shawl and disguise the asymmetric knitting.

Combine stripes and holes to create unexpected effects (The stripes in the shawl in the photo are very subtle. You can do better!)

Use up your oddments for a scrappy version.

Bias on both edges to make a scarf or wrap
Use bigger needles than those usually recommended for your yarn, to make it extra soft. If you do this, and add the rows of holes to a shawl, you will find that it can be worn high on the neck with part folded back to form a collar. It will also scrunch up to become more like a a skinny scarf, if the yarn is not too bulky.
The shawls and scarves shown were all made in 4 ply or double knitting but you can use any yarn you want and make your shawl or scarf to the exact size you would like it.
The photos show

Three shawls which are approximately 66” (167 cm) along the long edge

A narrow scarf made from scraps

Samples to show what happens when you change the shape or when you add holes and stripes

These are some of the possible variations