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Woolly's fans will already have a good idea of the way she thinks. Having second thoughts does not mean that Woolly has had a change of heart about the ideas she introduced in Woolly Thoughts. These are extra thoughts based on the same principles. You do not need to have read Woolly Thoughts in order to be able to follow the new ideas because the basics are briefly repeated at the back of this book.

She is still working entirely in garter stitch, using any yarn to make items to fit any size. The pictures elsewhere on this site will give you an idea of what she has been thinking about

There are ten chapters:

Woolly's thoughts about new ways of using garter stitch, without having to make tension squares or do any complicated calculations  

Plans for three different garments each starting from a handful of squares
The basics
Use any yarn for a perfect fit  

An introduction to the ideas to be developed later
All in garter stitch  

Garments from strips and stripes in various directions  

Jumbles of pieces and how to turn them into a sweater that fits  

Work from the centre out to achieve zig-zags and other effects  

Turn squares into waistcoats (vests) and waistcoats into sweaters  

Suggestions to help you find new ideas of your own  

Explanations of techniques, and the mathematics behind some of the ideas  

This book has 114 pages. There are many new drawings of Woolly and friends and dozens of diagrams to help you on your way with creating your own designs.

Published 1998

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