Crochet Möbius
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We have been experimenting with Möbius crochet, which we find much easier than Möbius knitting. Crochet only has one loop on the hook so is easy to manipulate.

Many of the photos below are for samples worked to demonstrate techniques in workshops. The same basic ideas can be adapted with more interesting yarns and fancier stitches and can be made to any size. Watch this page for new  photos.

Accessories with a Twist is a booklet of instructions for making headbands and bracelets.  It is available on the Accessories page of the Order Form.

For more Möbius items, see:

(Cat Bordhi is the expert in Möbius knitting. For information go to her website.)

These scarves all have the usual Möbius half-twist.

The red, white and blue version is a crochet Möbius spiral. It has one continuous line of blue and one continuous line of red.

The dark, sparkly scarf is edged with a ‘hyperbolic’ frill.

The bands below have other numbers of twists.