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Jewellery Dolls all have a secret. They have a hidden compartment to hold your jewellery. Some of them can even stand by your bed or basin ready to receive your rings or other items. The Maid can carry items on her tray; The Pretty Lady carries a basket, always at the ready; The Bag Lady has two bags where she can guard your treasures.
All are made from inexpensive Double Knitting (DK) yarns though you could choose to use quality yarns and add extra embellishments of your own. The dolls fit over a form which is very quick and easy to make from readily-available materials. The pattern includes various suggestions for how to personalise the jewellery storage compartment, depending on the materials you may have available. The finished dolls are about twelve inches tall.
A doll could even be used as a door-stop by filling the storage section with a heavy weight.
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The Maid
The Goth
My maid is a mature lady with grey hair.
You could make yours with any colour of hair or skin.
She carries a silver tray.
The Goth wears wristwarmers and
a low-necked dress with laced bodice.
Add the coat for a completely different look.
The Pretty Lady
The Bag Lady
The Asian Lady
Make The Pretty Lady even more ornate
by adding ribbons, beads or embroidery to her outfit
Use up those odd balls of yarn that you really hate,
to make her dull and unkempt
... or you could make her bright and cheerful.
The sari could be knitted in a fancy stitch, or with a coloured border, depending on your experience.
The long dark hair is fastened into a heavy plait.